๐Ÿ’ฐShitty Auctions

Shitty Auctions allow you to auction your NFTs for Shitty Treats

How do Shitty Auctions work?

There are 3 channels in our Discord, ๐Ÿ›-shitty-auctions-1 and ๐Ÿ›-shitty-auctions-2 or ๐Ÿ›-shitty-auctions-3. These channels are where you can create and bid on Shitty Auctions.

There can only be 1 active Shitty Auction in each channel.

How do I create an auction?

There are 3 Discord commands that you can use for Shitty Auctions.

/createauction allows you to create a Shitty Auction in the channel. You must specify an Asset ID. You can also specify a starting price, min bid difference and a duration (in hours with a min of 12 and max of 48 hours, defaults to 12 hours).

/viewauction allows you to display the active Shitty Auction in the channel. This is so you can always see the latest details and time remaining.

/bid allows you to bid on the active Shitty Auction in the channel. You must provide the amount you want to bid and it must be higher than the max bid + min bid difference

How long does each auction last?

Each auction defaults to 12 hours. You can update this if you'd like to make to longer/shorter. After the 12 hours, when someone uses a command in the channel, the active auction will immediately end and post the winner/highest bid in the channel.

What happens when I win an auction?

After each auction, the creator of the auction and the highest bidder will need to get together and trade their NFT for Shitty Treats. You can use /tip to send treats if you'd like to. A new auction can then be created.

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