Shitty Docs

Shitty Hype

You can earn 20+ Shitty Treats by doing any of the following once per day.
  • post a tweet tagging Shitty Kitties showing off one of your Shitty Kitties
  • post a tweet that includes one of your Shitty Kitty's bios
  • post a tweet related to Shitty Kitties in some other way
  • tagging Shitty Kitties - create a Shitty Kitty meme or gif
After you post the tweet or make the meme, you can post it in the #shitty-hype channel in Discord to get your Shitty Treats!
I may tip you more than 20 :shittytreats: treats if the post/meme is
Posts and/or memes must contain an image of either a First or Second Litter Shitty Kitty

Shitty Mondays

Every Monday you can earn 40+ Shitty Treats instead of 20 for Shitty Hype. Please use the hashtag #ShittyMondays when you tweet.


Below are some examples of different Shitty Hype posts.