๐Ÿ˜ปShitty Treats

Shitty Treats are our utility token. You can gamble them, use them in raffles, and more.

This delicious ASA is air dropped weekly to your kitties every Friday! Treats are used in all Shitty Utilities!

About Shitty Treats

  • ASA ID is 796490640

  • total supply is 420 billion

  • only used in the Shitty Ecosystem

  • clawback and freeze are both enabled

  • NO LIQUIDITY POOLS. If you see anything related to Shitty Kitties on Tinyman, it's a scam!

โฌ‡๏ธ You can opt-in on the website โฌ‡๏ธ

Shitty Treat Airdrops

When are Shitty Treat airdrops?

  • every Friday

How many Shitty Treats do I get?

  • 16 treats per First Litter kitty

  • 16 treats per Second Litter kitty

  • 8 treats per Third Litter kitty

  • 4 treats per Fourth Litter kitty

    • 24 treats per Legendary kitty

Other ways to earn

There are multiple ways to earn Shitty Treats besides the airdrops.

  • Shitty Auctions

    • Shitty Auctions allow you to auction your NFTs for Shitty Treats

  • Shitty Casino

    • We have several casino-type games in the Shitty Kitties Discord that allow you to bet Shitty Treats to try and win more treat

  • Shitty Hype

    • You can earn 20+ Shitty Treats per day per day by posting about Shitty Kitties on Twitter or making a Shitty meme

  • Shitty Treasure Boxes

    • Shitty Treasure Boxes are the reward for completing Shitty Adventures. You can open these on our website for a random amount of Shitty Treats.

  • Shitty Tricks

    • Shitty Tricks is a daily Shitty Treat faucet

You can read more about Shitty Treats on our website at the link below.

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