Shitty Docs

Shitty Adventures

Go on adventures to earn Shitty Kitty Treats and other rewards.
You can think of Shitty Adventures as short staking periods. At the end of the adventure, you will be able to claim a reward in the form of Shitty Treasure Boxes.

What are the requirements?

Each Shitty Adventure requires a certain amount of Shitty Kitties to participate. These requirements could be specific traits, number of kitties in the adventure, and the level of the kitty.

What determines the level of a Shitty Kitty?

Check out the the Shitty Kitty Levels post to learn more.

Can I send multiple parties on the same adventure?

No. Only one party can be sent to each unique Shitty Adventure at a time. Once the adventure is over and you've claimed your reward, you can send another party on that adventure.

What if I sell a Shitty Kitty that's on an adventure?

If your Shitty Kitty is involved in a transaction while on an adventure, the adventure will immediately be cancelled and no rewards will be distributed.

What do I get for completing an adventure?

You will receive a certain amount of Shitty Treasure Boxes. Check out the page to learn to more.

What are Shitty Adventure Collabs?

Shitty Adventures also allows other collections to join us for adventures. Holders that finish these collab adventures will receive a specially branded Treasure Box for that collection.
You can open these Collab Treasure Boxes the same way you open a Shitty Treasure Box. You'll recieve Shitty Treats and the collab collections token, as well as an increased chance of hitting the Shitty Vending machine wallet to win a prize!