๐Ÿ˜ผShitty Cat Fights

Shitty Games are various Discord games you can play to try and win Shitty Treats.

We have several games in the Shitty Kitties Discord that allow you to bet Shitty Treats to try and win more treats! Below are the games we currently have. We're always looking for suggestions on more to add!

Shitty Cat Fights

Shitty Cat Fights is a multiplayer game that allows you to fight for Shitty Treats! Starting

Type /startcatfight to start this game. As the timer countdowns, users can join the cat fight by paying the cost. In the screenshot below, the cost is 4 Shitty Treats.

The winner of the Shitty Cat Fight gets the entire prize pot. So if 4 people join for 4 Shitty Treats, the winners gets 16 Shitty Treats.

If no other players join the fight, Shitty bot will join and fight you!

Rare Shitty Kitties

The rarest Shitty Kitty in your wallet fights for you and has a chance to boost your attack!

For example, a Shitty Kitty whose ranking is between 1-100 has a higher chance to get a boosted attack each round than a Shitty Kitty whose ranking is between 400-500.

The lower ranking Shitty Kitty could definitely still beat the higher ranking kitty but the odds are lower depending on the difference.

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