Shitty Docs

Collab Block Staking

Stake your Shitty Cities, Shitty Kitties, and Collab NFTs to claim Shitty City Collab Blocks.

Shitty City Collab Blocks

We're going to be doing collabs with some amazing Algorand NFT collections to bring you Shitty City Collab Blocks! An example of a Shitty City Collab Block is the Mostly Dreamverse block.

What happens when I add a Collab Block to my city?

When you add a Collab Block to one of your Shitty City, you will be able to move-in your collab assets to the city to earn a small amount of treats!
Adding the Mostly Block to your city, for example, will allow your M.N.G.O, Mostly Frens, and Yieldlings to join your Shitty Kitties by moving in!
Get ready y'all! Everyone is getting some new neighbors!

So how do I get one?

This is where Collab Block Staking comes in.
  1. 1.
    A new Collab Block will be announced and staking will open for it. You'll have 3 days to stake 1 Shitty City, 1 Shitty Kitty, and 1 of the collab assets (MNGO/Mostly Frens in this case). If you miss the window to stake, you are out of luck.
  2. 2.
    You'll then stake your three NFTs for 5 days. If any of the 3 NFTs leave your wallet, your staking entry will be disqualified.
  3. 3.
    After the staking period ends, EVERY wallet that completed the staking will be allowed to claim the Collab Block!

How many of each Collab Block will there be?

This is solely dependent on the amount of wallets that fully complete the Collab Block Staking for a particular Collab Block with a bit of rounding. Everyone that completes staking will be allowed to claim the Collab Block. So if 53 wallets complete a staking period, then I will mint 60 Collab Blocks, keeping some for giveaways by us and the collaborating collection.

Multiple wallets are not allowed

These Collab Blocks are meant to be one per holder. There are checks in the Collab Block Staking system that will monitor and alert me if the system detects a user trying to use multiple wallets to get multiple Collab Blocks.
If the system does detect you trying to do this, your wallets will be banned from future Collab Block Staking. Please don't be greedy and try and abuse the system. Just grab one and have fun!