๐Ÿช™Shitty Flips

Flip a coin for double or nothing using Shitty Treats and other community tokens.

Here's how it works

  1. Select which token you'd like to bet and select a bet amount.

  2. Choose Heads or Tails

  3. Flip a coin!

If you guess correctly, your bet will be doubled and you'll be sent your winnings automatically.

What tokens can I bet?

You can flip any of the below community tokens:

  • Shitty Treats

  • Algo Noots Coin

  • Crumb

  • Grub

  • Memo

  • Poof

  • skuli snacks

  • Shrimp


  • Totally Average Tokens

What are the fees for flips?

Flips for community tokens with bet amounts < 100 have NO fees. Flips for community tokens with bet amounts >= 100 have 3% fees. For example, if you flip 100 Shitty Treats, it will actually cost you 103 Shitty Treats.

Why is Pera Wallet disabled for Shitty Flips?

There is an issue with Pera Wallet that sometimes occurs where users will transfer Shitty Treats, the connection will error out, and then the Shitty Treats are lost. Pera Wallet has been disabled until this bug is fixed.

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