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Shitty Tricks

Shitty Tricks is a daily Shitty Treat faucet
You can hit up the Shitty Kitties Discord twice a day to get free Shitty Treats sent directly to your wallet.

How many times per day can I do Shitty Tricks?

You can run the /shittytrick command in the 👋-shitty-tricks channel twice a day, once before 12:00 pm EST and once after 12:00 pm EST.

How many Shitty Treats do I get?

The number of Shitty Treats you receive from Shitty Tricks corresponds to how many Shitty Kitties and Shitty Accessories you have in your wallet at the time you run the command. Below are the current values.
Kitty bonuses
  • 0-4 kitties gets you 2-4 treats
  • 5-9 kitties gets you 3-5 treats
  • 10-19 kitties gets you 4-6 treats
  • 20-49 kitties gets you 5-7 treats
  • 50-99 kitties gets you 8-10 treats
  • 100+ kitties gets you 11-13 treats
Accessory bonuses
  • 3+ unique accessories gets you 1 extra treat
  • 6+ unique accessories, gets you 2 extra treats
  • 9+ unique accessories, gets you 3 extra treats