Shitty Docs

Shittier Mint Passes

Exchange a Shittier Mint Pass for one discounted NFT from a future Shitty Collection drop.
The Shittier Mint Pass can be exchanged for a discounted WL Spot on a Shitty Collection mint. The actual discounted amount will be on a per Shitty Collection drop basis and will be announced when the Shitty Collection prices are announced.
The Shittier Mint Pass will also give you FIRST DIBS on new Shitty Collections. Those with Mint Passes will be able to mint their NFTs before holders and the public.
Please note that there are only 100 Shittier Mint Passes in circulation. Once all have been claimed, there will be no more to pass out until some have redeemed their passes.
example of opening a a box and finding a Shitty Mint Pass

Exchanging your Shittier Mint Pass for a WL spot

You can exchange your Shittier Mint Pass for a WL spot in the upcoming Shitty collection by clicking the below link and following the instructions on the page.
Only 100 Shittier Mint Passes can be exchanged in total for each Shitty Collection drop. Once 100 are exchanged, no more will be accepted for that drop