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Shitty Kitties

Shitty Kitties started as a collection of 470 shitty drawings of a kitty. Now there are multiple collections and tons of utility. This will explain everything you need to know about Shitty Kitties!

First Litter Shitty Kitties

Shitty Kitties First Litter is an NFT collection on the Algorand blockchain. It's a fun, light-hearted collection containing 470 1/1 unique shitty drawings resembling a kitty.

Second Litter Shitty Kitties

Shitty Kitties Second Litter is the second Shitty Kitties collection. Second Litter is a collection of 500 programmatically generated 1/1 profile picture style NFTs of the shittiest kitties you know and love.

Third Litter Shitty Kitties

Third Litter is a collection of 1,069 shitty, hand-drawn, and programmatically generated NFTS on the Algorand blockchain.
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